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Hello, I was hoping you could help me. I am trying to self-learn Spanish. I bought this Spanish practice book online, which was really affordable and has really helped me perfect my Spanish. The only issue is that the book was very worn/used, including having several pages missing. I just completed this practice in the book, but do not have the answer key. I am hoping to ask if you could please answer these few questions so I can see how much I got right/incorrect? Thanks, I appreciate your time, Kathy

Completa los mandatos. Usa la forma correcta del verbo del banco de palabras.   

I am given the sentences:
1.  Alberto, ____ el anuncio para ver si tiene errores.
2.  Sr. Corrales, ____ el trabajo de los voluntarios.
3.  Marcela, ____ los cheques en el banco.
4.  Ana y Pedro, no ____ las medicinas.
5.  Ustedes: ____ los fondos por teléfono.

As well as a word bank to chose from, consisting of: solicitar, comprar, leer, organizar, despositar

Thank you again for your help!

Hi Katherine,

Thanks for your question. The answers are:

1.  Alberto, lee el anuncio para ver si tiene errores.
2.  Sr. Corrales, organice el trabajo de los voluntarios.
3.  Marcela, deposita los cheques en el banco.
4.  Ana y Pedro, no compréis las medicinas.
5.  Ustedes: soliciten los fondos por teléfono.

Hope this helps,
Kind regards,

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