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Hello, My name is Katherine and I'm homeschooling my son in Spanish, but I am having some trouble. I took Spanish in HS, but I am having difficulty teaching him everything he needs to know (am thinking of hiring a tutor next year). In particular, I was hoping you could assist me with this assignment in his workbook. He is given a few paragraphs and then asked to answer some questions about it. However, I cannot find my answer key anywhere. He spent a ton of time and effort on completing the assignment and really wants to know how he did on this Test. I was hoping to you could read over the paragraph and answer the questions, so as creating a new key for me to grade his work with. I know it's a lot to ask, but I hope you can assist with at least some of them. Thank you very much for your time and help; here is the work:

César Chávez trabajó mucho para ayudar a la gente necesitada. Nació en Arizona. Su padre era un inmigrante mexicano.

La familia Chávez viajaba mucho para encontrar trabajo en el campo, porque eran trabajadores migratorios, es decir trabajadores que migraban de un lugar a otro. Después de muchas dificultades, la familia se quedó en los campos cerca de San José, California.

César Chávez vio la pobreza en su casa y en 1952 empezó a trabajar y a organizar proyectos de acción social en los campos. Colaboró en el Community Service Organization (CSO), organizó la planificación de campañas para apoyar a los trabajadores del campo. César siempre cumplía con sus obligaciones, y los campesinos podían contar con él y con su creatividad. Empezó la Farm Workers Association para beneficio de los campesinos. Su lema fue siempre: ¡Manos a la obra!

Lee las siguientes oraciones y decide si son ciertas o falsas. Si son falsas, escríbelas correctamente.

1.  César Chávez nació en México.

2.  El padre de César Chávez era de San José, California.

3.  La vida de la familia Chávez fue fácil.

4.  César hizo mucho por su comunidad.

5.  César empezó su trabajo de acción social en 1952.

6.  César ayudó solamente a su familia.

7.  César organizaba a la gente con su creatividad.

Contesta las preguntas siguientes sobre César Chávez.

1.  ¿Por qué crees tú que César Chávez eligió este tipo de vida?

2.  ¿Cómo (de qué maneras o formas) ayudaba César Chávez?

3.  ¿Qué proyecto de acción social para tu comunidad podrías hacer tú con tus amigos?

Hi, Katherine. I have a translated version here that should help. I used bing translator at this address: Translators have improved over the years, so I only had to correct a few things. Also, with this translator you can hover over one word on either side (English or Spanish) and it will highlight that word and its corresponding word in the other language. That's a good tool for understanding the component parts of a sentence. With this tool you should be able to check your answers, especially the last 3, which are largely open-ended questions. For the true/false rewrite the false statements, changing only the false part. (1. (Falso)César Chávez nació en "Arizona".)I know your son has already answered these questions on his own. This would be a good way for him to check his answers. He should be able to learn from his mistakes with this tool. Of course if you have questions about a certain grammar point, I would be happy to help with that.

Cesar Chavez worked hard to help people in need. He was born in Arizona. His father was a Mexican immigrant.The Chávez family traveled far to find work in the field, because they were migratory workers, i.e. workers who migrated from one place to another. After many difficulties, the family stayed in the fields near San Jose, California.Cesar Chavez saw poverty at home and in 1952 began to work and organize social action projects in the fields. He collaborated in the Community Service Organization (CSO), organized campaign plans to support workers in the field. Cesar always complied with his obligations, and farmers could  count on him and his creativity. He started the Farm Workers Association for the benefit of farmers. His motto has always been: get to work!

 Read the following sentences and decide if they are true or false. If they are false, write them correctly.
1. Cesar Chavez was born in Mexico.
2. The father of Cesar Chavez was from San Jose, California.
3. The life of the Chávez family was easy.
4 Caesar did much for his community.
5 Caesar began his work for social action in 1952.
6 César only helped his family.
7 César organized people with his creativity.
Answer the following questions about Cesar Chavez.
1. Why you you think that Cesar Chavez chose this kind of life?
2. How (in what ways or forms) did Cesar Chavez help?
3. What social action project could you do with your friends for your community?

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