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I have to use the formal command for these sentences, but I'm not sure the correct way to use them. (Servirlos) mas vino, por favor. (Traernos) con cuidado. (Explicarmelo) bien. Can you help me?

If you know the present tense of the verb you are using, just take off the "o" and replace it with the opposite vowel. (-a for -er -ir verbs or -e for -ar verbs)Then add the object pronoun(s) to the end. You will need a written accent mark on anything over 2 syllables in order to maintain the original stress.
If the command is negative the pronouns come first and no accents.

servir--sirvo--sirva--sírvalos (no los sirva)
traer--traigo--traiga--tráiganos (no nos traiga)
explicar--explico--explique*--explíquemelo (no me lo explique*)*the spelling change is necessary to maintain the hard "k" sound of the syllable.

I hope this helps.

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