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Spanish Language/translate short prayer to end each of my ESL classes


Hello, Fernando Doylet.  I will be starting an ESL class as a volunteer at a church, and I’m trying to translate the following prayer to say at the end of each class:  “Dear Lord, I pray that the Holy Spirit be with all of us, guide us in our studies and give us perseverance, help us to have patience with ourselves and others, and help us to keep a good sense of humor through it all.  In Jesus' name, Amen.”  The students are from Mexico and Central America only, and they use ustedes, not vosotros.  Thanks for any help you can give me.

Of course Lana, here is the translation...

"Amado Señor, le pido al Espiritu Santo que permanezca con todos nosotros, que nos guie en los estudios y que nos de perseverancia; ayudanos a tener paciencia con nosotros mismos y con otras personas, y ayudanos a mantener el buen humor en todo momento.  En el nombre de Jesus, Amen."

And a side note you may have time to share with your students: My family and I drink up to 1/2 liter of seawater everyday to keep us healthy, and a spoonful of cod liver oil (Emulsion de Scott) to keep us warm on cold days.


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