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I would like to buy existing massage located in San Diego,  I have many questions if you can guide me...

1, should I form corporation to buy that spa?  I heard if I am sold proprietor buyer, I will take all troubles(lawsuit, debt, police record....) from seller, is that true?

2, where do I find the history of the spa? should I go to secretary of state to get public record?

3, do you have templete spa purchasing contract?  Besides that, what other contract do I need?

4, the purchasing contract is the "proof of ownership"?

5, should I and seller go together to notory public for signing contract and give seller payment?

6, is witness necessary when go to notory public?

7, should I need escrow service?

8. can I lay off existing exployess and hire my own without causing problem?

9, after becoming new owner, do I must close business for month waiting for police depart and health department inspection?  withouth their approval, I can't run business.  However, the business can't close, I will lose lots of clients, what should I do?

10, should I get new lease from landlord before sale agreement with seller?

Thank you for answer.

Hi Shylin -

Thank you for your questions. I will give you some general information but must say that buying a business is not a "one answer fits all" kind of issue. If you would like to discuss how I can help you as a consultant, please use the link below to schedule a free initial 20 minute phone consultation so we can determine your goals for buying the business, concerns/challenges and how I might best be of help to you in protecting your investment.

The seller should provide you from due diligence information in the form of tax returns for at least 3 years for the business to see income and profit/loss . These are usually not public record. You may also want to see reports from their point of sale system. If they are working with a broker, then the broker may already have this.

How the responsibility flows to you depends more on what you buy than how you buy it but having a corporation set up will separate you from your business in terms of debt, assets, etc., and provides some potential tax advantages. Talk to your accountant or financial advisor to determine what structure is best for you.

Regarding staff, you may handle it however you see fit. However, part of what you are buying is the relationships that are already established with existing clients so take this into account before hiring/firing.

In terms of other laws, every county/city/state is different but if you are buying an existing business, it is doubtful you'd have to go through all the inspections anew or would have to close the business. Get confirmation from the landlord that you can in fact take over the lease or get your own - this is not always possible.

Discuss contracts with the existing broker or seller but have your own attorney review. I would also suggest hiring someone familiar with this kind of industry - i.e. a consultant like me - to help you spot unexpected issues or concerns that the attorney or broker would not think of.

I hope this has been of help. I'd be happy to work with you as a consultant if it seems like a good fit for your new business.  


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