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I need to do a presentation on a these key points:

1) Partnership
2) Maximising coverage and efficiency
3) Short term loss may lead to long term gain

I am not suppose to use slides presentation but other methods to present my key points. Can you give me some ideas?

Thank you

Ok...without knowing the overall outcome you are searching for or how these topics all connect I will take a more creative approach for each...

1. Partnership..bring a salt and pepper shaker..  the perfect partnership.    Simple strong different but compliments each other and makes all food taste better.  Just like a good business partner, life partner, or musical band.  The partnership makes the overall better. Peanut butter and jelly would work well too.

2. Maximizing and efficiency..bring in a penny and ask.  What if we just started with the penny and it doubled for 30 days?  How much do you think it would be worth after a month?  20 dollars,30 dollars, 200 dollars, 3000 dollars?  Answer over 1 million.  Don't believe me? try it

The key is things small with an efficient process can leas to big big things.  You need to persevere and avoid procrastination and stick to a plan..that is duplication at its finest..

3. Short term loss equals long term gain...bring a basketball..explain the Michael Jordan story getting cut from his varsity team. He used that loss to fuel hom towards greatness as he became one of the best players ever.  Look it up on google.

Againnnnn..a little crazy but definitely memorable..  good luckkkkk. Mike  

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