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Hello Christina.
On the internet I've found around 20 unreleased Britney tunes, some of them are superb. Why are there so many of these ? I've heard about an unfinished album Original Doll, do they come from that ? Is there a definitive list of all her unreleased music ?

Hey Mark!  

There are SO many unreleased Britney songs!  Many artists record way more songs then what ends up on their albums, which is where I think most of the unreleased material comes from.  Producers sometimes end up keeping the song and sometimes leak it, which is when the internet gets a hold of it.  Sadly there are also a lot of fake Britney unreleased songs (YouTube I have found to be quite popular for this) where some girl sings like Britney but it's really not her.  While there is no definitive list of unreleased songs (officially), here are two Britney fan-sites that offer many of them for download:

Original Doll was a highly rumored album and every time there is news of a new Britney album, these rumors get stirred up again.  There is no confirmation of this album, nor do I believe there ever was.  Nothing has ever been leaked and said, "this is 100% from the Original Doll album" so us fans are just still waiting.

Hope this answers your question and thanks for being a Britney fan!

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