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Marc S wrote at 2014-01-28 00:04:08
The simple answer is yes! Any Vitamix, or high speed blenders, can fulfill all your blending needs. High speed blenders are able to perform certain tasks that regular blenders are not able to do, e.g., make nut butters, grind coffee beans, and create really smooth drinks.

Best-Blenders.Net has all the best rated blenders. Here is the direct link the their high speed blender page: http://www.best-blenders.net/high-speed-blender/ They offer the most detailed description of each blender. Some blenders even come with recipe books.

I've used the Omega blender and am not going to try the new Oster Versa blender, both high speed blenders. I recommend sticking to high speed blenders as the sky is the limit to what you can do. Once you've gone high speed there is no turning back.

Hope this is helpful and inspiring.  

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