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Dr. Alevizon,
Thank you for your time.  I would like some tips on gaining weight while on a low glycemic diet.  I am on this diet to improve my health but I do not need to lose weight. I would like to gain a little weight but not by making my blood sugar level high.  What are some foods that are good for this?  Thank you again.

Want to gain weight?  lucky you...

Actually, there are no particular food choices you need to worry about here.  The sensible approach would be to simply slowly increase your total caloric intake while maintaining a balanced low glycemic diet.  

Weight gain/loss is largely (but not totally linear) balance between calories assimilated and calories expended.

So, if you slowly increase your caloric intake by taking in larger portions or adding an additional small meal or snack until you start to gain weight, you will find your own "sweet spot" that accomplishes your goals.

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