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hey lea

okay recently i have taken up a new temp job where basically i am lifting/dragging 20kg of produce onto a conveyorbelt i am on my feet and doing this job for about 8 hours a day mon-fri. in addition to this i work eight hours in a shop on a sat also standing. i have also recently moved so on a sunday and around work i have been plastering painting and general touching up at the house. now so far i have been losing about 4 pounds every week for the last 4 weeks.

bare with me nearly finished...

okay now my diet is not a super healthy one really, i often have take away, usually kebab, chinese or chip shop (we cannot cook our own food at the moment as we dont have anything to cook with)
i also go for food at my grans before i go to work, usually it is a stogey meal, lots of potato and then apple tart with custard, i also eat two dairy milk bars and about a bag of haribo per day and also eat a large jar of nutella per week.

so my question is how the hell am i still losing weight i have maintained this diet for about three months now and have been losing weight since then, this last month it has eccelerated.

three months ago i weighed 15 stone i now way 13

thanks in advance

Hi Sam,

Sorry for the delay, I was out of town.  Congratulations on the activity and weight loss!

Weight loss is a simple calories in, calories out equation.  3500 calories is equal to one pound, so everytime you burn 3500 calories more than you eat you should technically lose one pound of fat. Losing 4 pounds a week means each week you are eating 14,000 less calories then you are burning.  If you look at this website ( it told me that you are probably burning 4000 calories a day!!

One thing to be careful of is this will plateau at some point as your body gets used to this amount of exercise (or when the temp job is over), at that point I would recommend cutting down your calories per day if you'd like to maintain your current weight or perhaps even continue to lose weight.

Best of luck,

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