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Hi Lea,

Approx how many calories should I eat to achieve my ideal weight?  I am between 5'1 and 5'2 and am a 42 yr old female with very light activity.  I weigh 190 lbs.  I am currently eating 1200 a day... is that enough?



Samantha, sorry for the delay. I am quite sick currently so my answer will be bit brief.I would recommend 1700 calories until 175 pounds and 1500 calories until 160 pounds. Only then would I lower to 1200 calories, but also if weight loss is consistent you may not need to lower calories as early as I recommend. 1200 is too low for 190 pounds ,and can put the body into starvation mode meaning you might lose a little weight but will mostly just not loss and this will obviously be disappointing.  Also, if you are able to up your exercise weight is lost much faster. You may notice that switching to 1700 you don't see weight loss
right away, so be patient.

Best of luck,

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