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Hi William and Happy New Year!
I am 55, and have tried everything to lose weight-from low carb to vegetarian.
I am finally having some moderate weight loss  with low fat, as well as improved digestion, and recently started eating low glycemic carbs only do hopefully speed things along.
I have found I do OK digestively with any type of bread, but baked goods and regular pasta bloats me up (cant stand whole wheat), as do potatoes.
I can do without the pasta and processed flour, but can you suggest some other low glycemic carb options? BTW I am not a big fan of rice.

Happy New Year to you also.

I am also intolerant of gluten and avoid wheat.

I am using a combination of several foods for my main carb fixes.  I really like Mexican food, so I use good-quality corn tortillas - just heat them in a non-stick skillet and melt a slice of cheddar on them, and top with beans, meat, whatever - works for me as a quick and easy carb staple.

I am also using 100% organic buckwheat flour to make pancakes and muffins - available from Bob's Red Mill. Still messing with the recipes but am having good results already - I can't tell my muffins from those made with wheat.

Finally, I use fresh fruit to supplement my carb needs.  There are a number of choices in fruits with a low glycemic impact. Check out my new web page on them HERE.

Good luck


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