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Hi Dr.,
I have diabetes in my family, and I seem to have many of the symptoms of insulin resistance, thus I am watching my carb intake and eating lower glycemic.
I have a friend that says she lost weight by not eating carbs in the morning. Instead she has some fruit with low fat yogurt.
The theory is that insulin levels are highest in the morning so most of that starch gets stored as fat and also slows your metabolism.
I found this interesting. I find it hard to lose weight, even though I am a picky eater and am very active.
All my life I have had a breakfast of cereal and toast. Perhaps with my genetics, this is what was hapening to me?
At the very least, yogurt and fruit sounds healthier!?
Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi Susan

There seems to be some confusion here as to what are "carbs" and what are not.

You said (about your friend): "she lost weight by not eating carbs in the morning. Instead she has some fruit with low fat yogurt".

Fruit and yogurt both contain healthy carbs, and the yogurt also has protein and some fat.  This makes for a healthy balance of low glycemic carbs and other nutrients, providing the portion sizes are "normal".

Toast and cereal (you did not say what you add to these) may be a very carb-heavy breakfast that could be a problem if you are insulin resistant.
Too many carbs perhaps for a single meal. "Toast" can mean many things, in terms of thickness, how many slices, use of highly processed flours, sugar added (almost all commercial breads have sugar).

It certainly could not hurt to try fruit with low fat yogurt and see how you react.  In any case, dropping the toast might help.

Good luck.

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