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I have a 'fat tooth', and come rom a family that loves meat, gravy, etc. Although we didnt overeat and got lots of exercise on the farm, we were all overweight.
The family next door was poor, and ate a lot of carbs for their main meals-rice, noodles, dry cereal, etc. Although total calories were about the same, and they were pretty lazy, they were all very skinny.
Is the propensity to put on weight from dietary fat a genetic thing?
I tried low carbing for years-even ZERO carbing, and gained weight. Recently I swithced to low fat, and am actuall losing weight for the first time in years! Thanks for your thoughts!

Hey Sue

Thank you for your question. Most of your daily intake, about half should come from carbs, as your body uses it and converts it to use energy as glucose. Good carbs are whole grain foods, whole grain cereals, Quinoa,,whole grain bread.  Fat can be healthy, except you should be getting in the right kind, olive oil, peanuts,almonds,sunflower oil are all good sources of dietary fat. Anywhere between 25-35% of your daily intake should comprise of that.

If you look at other parts of the world, China or Japan for example, there diets consist of a lot of rice or noodles (carbohydrates) and a lot of them are in better shape. Something to think about.

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