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Just wanted to know are carbs or calories the reason why people gain weight?

Hi Jairo,

I thought a simple no would answer your question, but I guess there is another way to read it!Without any further context it is tricky to give a comprehensive answer. So for now, I can only steer you into a vague direction.

1) Carbs contain calories and can therefore be synonymous with them, and then we cannot say that people gain weight from carbs or calories: not exclusively.
2) Is it the carbs or the calories which put on the weight? Same difference.

People gain weight if the calory intake exceeds the calorie output. If you have more fuel (calories/energy) than you use, you store it as weight. This energy/calorie intake can come from carbs (or sugars), proteins, and fats. Both how you process the food you eat and how much exercise you take influences the ratio input-output and keeps your weight in balance.

There are diets which cut out carbs because they think carbs are ESPECIALLY fattening. While it is easy bulk up quickly on starchy foods this does not mean carbs are specifically fattening. It depends on the type of carbohydrates. The calories in a sandwich or cookie are usually not predominantly in the flour, but in the simple sugars (also carbs) and fats.Cereals, grains, wholewheat products are very good for you and not considered fattening carbs, but healthy sources of calories.

Others never put on weight from carbohydrates or calories (any other foods). Sometimes it means they don't eat a lot to start with. But some metabolic disorders just guzzle fuel for no good reason. Some carbohydrates take so little processing they become fuel super easily (sports/energy drinks work on that principle)which is a problem if you are not super active (overload storage: excess weight).

Let me know if you are examining a specific instance or have a personal query, then I can maybe address the question more in depth. For general dietary or study questions you will need to consult the other experts.

My best wishes,

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