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Hello Dr. Alevizon,

Thank you for your time and expertise. I am having a difficult time finding a breakfast that sits well with me. For years I ate cereal and milk and coffee. When doing this I would feel very hungry 2 hours later. When I eat a high protein breakfast such as eggs and ham, I feel sluggish, and sometimes have a stomach ache. Lately I have been having a Cliff bar and a glass of 100 % juice. This holds me the longest and I feel pretty good, but it is a lot of sugar, and I sometimes feel a little dizzy. I probably do best with a big bowl of fresh fruit, but it doesn't last. I also do okay with a bowl of oatmeal, if I add milk or dried fruit. My blood sugar has always been temperamental, I can't eat pancakes or pastries or I will not feel well. I am looking for options that will keep me full until lunch and not upset my stomach or cause my blood sugar to drop. I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

Hi Diane

I don't know if this will work for you since we all have different tastes, metabolisms, and such.

This is just a suggestion you might try, as I have had many of the same issues and it solved ny "breakfast problem" for good.

I make a protein shake using Met-Rx meal Replacement Powder (flavors available). You can buy it on Amazon.

Toss 1 packet into a good blender with a handful of ice, 1 regular-size bottled water, and a 1/3 cup frozen blueberries.

Makes about 24 oz with 38 g protein, vitamins and minerals, and only about 20 g carbs.

It easily gets me through until noon - no problems.

If you do a hard workout in the AM, supplement this with a 10AM banana.

Good luck

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