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G'day Raw paleo guy, Thanks for giving me the opportunity to ask you a question, its very much appreciated.  I started eating raw meat a few months ago and for the first month everything was going great, i was putting on weight and looking really healthy.  After a month though my stomach started to bloat and my stools where getting loose and sometimes runny.  At first i thought it might be because of bacteria but then i read that it could have been caused by my digestive system not being able to digest raw meat.  So i went back to partially cooked meat( boiled for 2 minutes) and the bloating and loose stools disappeared.  Could you share some light on my dilemma? thanks mate.

Detox reactions often occur when one is first transitioning. Some people never experience them while others will experience them for a few days here and there, while still others can experience detoxes lasting several weeks. The detox is required in order to get rid of the toxins in the body built up after years of eating cooked foods.Sure, eating lightly-cooked foods would slow down a detox, but would thereby greatly slow down overall, eventual health-recovery as well.
In my own case, I experienced detox(green diarrhea every half an hour during waking periods for the first 2-3 days after going rawpalaeo, then I experienced further random flu-like detoxes every 2 to 4 months, each lasting from 2 to 7 days; these detoxes were gradually reduced in terms of severity and  duration until they stopped after 2 years. I still may get a nasty detox-like reaction soon after I eat a very occasional cooked-food meal, but that's all.

Another possibility may simply be the food you're eating. For example, I have always found that raw liver gives me very loose, runny stools, no idea why. At any rate, almost everybody claims that raw meat is better digested rather than worse, so I can't see how it can be that.

If you're anxious re all this, why not do what others often do which is to transition to raw slowly. You could start off with the lightly-boiled meat using whatever processed sauces you like, then gradually reduce the cooking-temperature by 1 degree Celsius every few days/weeks and reducing the sauces until eventually you get used to enjoying eating raw meat on its own at room-temperature.


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