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Just one more question, which was the original one I had -when I even found these sites. I was starting the raw meat diet for the first time by eating ground up wild raw woodchuck or groundhog. And I got a meat grinder especially for such things that says you can run the bones of chickens and rabbits thru it several times and they will be as fine as peanut butter so you can eat both bone and meat. Well I got enthused so for my first try with the woodchuck I used all the bones, legs, spine as well as the nice cartilege of the ribs which I especially wanted instead of using glucosame sulfate which is for joints and cartilege improvement of people- (I just turned 60)- anyway, it didnt turn out to grind them as fine because a woodchuck is bigger and stronger then the typical factory chickens and rabbits they must have used when they said this. So tho it got most of the bones done -I have tiny little round pieces of bone about the size of pin heads in the meat which you cant chew because they get into and between your teeth and are bone hard. And its a nuisance to spit them all out, so.. is it OK to swallow them, will they be dissolved in the stomach acid or just go thru OK? Or will they kinda lodge there in stomach and guts and get stuck?? They arent real sharp or anything..I was kinda worried about this. The ground woodchuck tastes great. I have also eaten raw heart and raw liver.
    Thank you for your reply and I will try not to keep bothering you!!  Abby


there isn`t any real need to consume bones. The way I see it, our palaeo ancestors did not have any bone-grinders in their day so would not have indulged in eating bones.They got all the nutrition they needed from eating meats and plants.

On the other hand, if you have current bone-problems, it might be an idea to consume bones. There is a rather logical rawpalaeo concept, which is that "like cures like". So that, if one is suffering from heart-disease, for example, one should eat raw hearts from healthy animals like grassfed cattle, in order to get all the right nutrients in the hearts, such as coenzyme q10 etc., and thus regain health.

I have never eaten ground bone so cannot comment with authority. However, I would think that the body`s stomach acid should easily deal with such bone-fragments. If it did not, then you would have problems presumably with constipation or some such? Unfortunately, this sort of thing can only be found via experimentation. Then again, you could post a question on rawpaleoforum on this topic as there are bound to be people there who have done this practice at some stage.

Lastly, I am never ever bothered by frequent questions. When I first started this diet, I knew of nobody who could help me find answers to numerous questions I had, so I had to make many mistakes before I finally found the right dietary combination etc. that worked for me as an individual. So, I am happy to give advice so as to help others avoid such time-wasting.


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