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hello, rpg. haven't written in awhile. i eat mostly raw paleo (i cook vegetables, but most all
meat/fat is raw). only the highest quality, local grass fed beef, wild caught fish, wild
coconuts/avocados i gather myself (yes, i live in hawaii). i've noticed that when i have
something interesting to do, i have plenty of energy, but when i am bored/frustrated/
overwhelmed/epressed, i have no energy, and tend to sleep.i am very low carb, and it seems my
body/brain knows this, and it conserves energy whenever it can. so it says, this is
interesting, lets release energy, versus you're bored, you're not doing anything productive
anyway, i'm gonna conserve energy until you really need it, then you can have all you
want. it is very dynamic, i can go from alert to sleepy in minutes. your thoughts please.


Sorry for the delay in replying:-

When I was very ill in pre-rawpaleodiet days, I had chronic fatigue all the time which meant that  I would collapse after doing just 10 minutes of weight-lifting and I wouldsleep for 10 hours a day but wake up and feel as though I had only slept for half an hour. Yet, whenever I did some really interesting activity such as mountain-hiking or skiing or swimming in the sea(though not in a swimming-pool)I would suddenly feel full of energy and could go on for ages. A case of mind over matter, I guess.

When I was very low-carb rawpalaeo for long periods, I would  have energy but no stamina so I would only be able to do weightlifting for a few minutes at a time.

Not sure how to advise. My own stance is that one should always vary one's diet, even after one regains one's health. For example, despite now living in a country with poor access to genuine raw wildcaught seafood with what is available being very expensive, I still buy some every now and then because I seem to feel better/at maximum as long as I have regular access to some raw wild game, some raw innards and some raw seafood. So, see if you improve if you add some raw plant food into your diet, for example.

One thing:- for many RPDers, it can be a problem if they combine raw foods with cooked foods, especially after being long-term on a raw diet.You see, after a long time on raw, the body starts getting more efficient at getting rid of toxins, such as from cooked foods, so if one is on a mixed raw/cooked diet then there is danger of experiencing a continuous detox of some sort.

Also, cooking vegetables may allow more nutrients to be released and some antinutrients destroyed, but the act of cooking does create some nasty heat-created toxins so it's not worth it. I would therefore suggest sticking to vegetables that taste fine when eaten raw, as those contain far fewer antinutrients in them.

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