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QUESTION: Hello! I'm new to but very interested in fermenting meats!
Ok this is a very unconventional topic! (Then again, most things I'm into and passionate about is unconventional! Lol!) Anyway does anybody have any experience "fermenting meats"? I saw a video on youtube about fermenting liver! She used whey to speed up the process! Has anybody ever done anything like this? I know this isn't as popular as fermenting milk (kefir), tea (kombucha), or vegetables (sauerkraut/kimichi)! But in MANY other various cultures, fermenting raw meat is rather commonplace! If anybody have experience with this and can let me know more about this! I'd highly appreciate it! Please and Thank You! Oh! BTW! Here's the video I was talking about!

ANSWER: Here are some useful links:-

The 2nd link is all about aging raw meats with only raw liver ending up soaked in juices.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank You very much for answering my question! That was a very good information on high meats! From my understanding that high meats are fermented (aerobicly) and I was wondering if there are lacto fermented (anaerobicly)? Such as submerging meat in a salt brine? Let me know if you guys are familiar with this type of meat fermentation! Thank You Once Again!   :)

I have never intentionally bothered to make fermented meat anaerobically as I have heard of possible scares re botulinism re this practice. That said, I have sometimes made a mistake and left vacuum-packed raw liver in the fridge for several weeks and the liver duly fermented in an oxygen-free environment which was full of blood from the liver - the taste thereof, however, was so toxic that I had to vomit the stuff out. By comparison, aged, aerated "high-meat" tastes wonderful, like a raw, aged cheese.

For more info on lacto-fermented/brine-fermented etc. aged meats, I would suggest you register on rawpaleoforum and ask there for further info, as there are some there who are experts in this area. Forums for Weston-Price diet advocates are also a good option as they frequently ferment/pickle their foods all the time.


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