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Special Diets/carb blockers?


Do you know if any of the OTC 'carb blockers' actually work? White kidney bean extract was the most popular, but now African mango seems to be out there.
The reason I ask is that with the help of ALLI as a fat blocker, I am losing weight FINALLY, and although I am eating low glycemic carbs only,I am hoping a carb blocker will give me an added push.


No, sorry - I don't really know much about any of these so-called "blockers" and have not really looked into them because in general I am skeptical of interfering with normal digestive processes.  I'd rather concentrate on eating proper amounts of healthy nutritionally balanced foods to achieve weight loss.  If I am concerned with too much fat, I just reduce the overall amount of fats I am eating.

Just because no research has been done that can show that "blockers" have no undesirable side-effects does not mean these do not exist - so I prefer to balance nutrients the old fashioned way, through food choices.

Good luck.  

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