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Special Diets/Frozen raw meat, is it ok?


I cannot find grass-fed fresh meal anywhere but I have access to very high quality frozen raw meat, beef,pork,lamb and egg. I got sick from every food I eat, so can i still heal on frozen raw grass-fed food? I also want to know if I can do high meat with frozen food, many people say it's not good but can it at least stay in the frigd or room temp for a few days or is that no good either? I'm which of fresh grain-fed or frozen grass fed is better.

Well, it is a bit complicated and depends on who you ask. The strictest raw foodists would state that prefrozen meats are always to be avoided.Aajonus Vonderplanitz, for example, claimed that freezing destroyed 25% of the nutrients. I would disagree. it is clear that freezing does destroy the cell-membranes in the food due to buildup of ice-crystals within it,   which means that thawing invariably leads to the nutrients within deteriorating rapidly soon after(so always eat thawed prefrozen meats fat and do not put them back in the fridge of freezer). This also means that the taste of thawed prefrozen meats is never as good as the taste of fresh, nonfrozen raw grassfed meats. Enzymes and bacteria within the frozen meat do not get destroyed but simply become dormant. Then again, another very long-term RVAF dieter I know claims that freezing does destroy enzymes but only at a very slow rate, so that he recommends never freezing for more than 2-3 weeks at most.

As for the last question, grassfed meat is ALWAYS better than grainfed meat, even if the grassfed meat is prefrozen.

I would heavily disagree with you as to your claim that  you cannot find sources of grassfed meats.  We all go through a stage, as newbies to this diet, where we think that there is nothing high quality available. But, sooner or later, after some rigorous searching, we all invariably discover  solid sources of raw, grassfed or wild meats somewhere near us.

If you are in the US, search this website for grassfed meat farsm:-

Many other countries have similiar online directories.

Here is more info:-'t-post-in-this-thread!)/

Oh, as regards making high meat from prefrozen meat, I have had no success with it and so have since then always used nonfrozen meats. That said, a few people I know have stated that they were indeed able to make high-meat from (thawed) frozen meats.


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