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I understand that with age I will have less energy and recover more slowly from exertion. I also understand that a healthy diet, and proper rest will help. I understand the basics.

I work in the construction field and I am finding that at 46 years of age, I want to mitigate some of the effect of aging by using supplements to aid recovery from day to day physical stresses.

My question: What are some nutritional supplements I can take to speed muscle recovery. I take a great well balanced daily vitamin. I think I want to add amino acids, in single form or complexes, specific nutrients, or any other supplement I can find at my local supplement store.

I am less interested in specific products than I am in the actual ingredients. I have been mislead by products many times.

Other than that, I am extremely healthy and take zero medications.

Thank you very much.


Hey William,

I can provide some nutritional guidance, Vitamin C is good for muscle as it helps build collagen and holds other tissues together. Other things I have used that works is Glucosamine, an amino acid that has shown to be good for your joints. Whey protein supplementation also helps in speeding muscle recovery especially after exercise. About 15-20 grams of protein after exercise should be good.

Hope this helps

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