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Thank you for taking time to answer this question.

I am thinking of taking a whey protein shake to change body composition. Cut some fat and gain some muscles.

What kind of whey is better for this kind of situation? Concentrate or Isolate?

Also I have seen some shakes have Amino acids in them and others have vitamins and minerals. Which type is better of my situation?

I am 37 and 84 kgs. Ideal weight is 70. 14 kg overweight. Have fat in the mid section.

I would say Whey protein is better. It has a high protein absorption rate. Keep in mind that the amino acids Leucine, IsoLeucine and Valine are the most important Amino acids for muscle synthesis.

I would also like to add that protein supplementation does help, it is just a supplement. You will need to increase your daily physical activity and train several times a week to speed up this process.

Hope this helps

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