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QUESTION: Have you had any experience with these meats. I have read reports that the detox from highly carnivorous animals like these can be really intense.

I'm sure your familiar with the raw cougar incident that Dr. Vonderplantiz commented on, where someone got a parasite from eating raw cougar.

I doubt these meats are eaten by anyone on this diet as they are insanely expensive(carnivorous animals eat only meat, prices can be 200$ for one 16 oz steak)

Salmon is carnivorous, and I've eaten plenty of raw salmon for years. But I do know that they serve salmon with wasabi which kills the parasites.

I have talked to someone who got sick from sushi once and it was no big deal.

I know its just a detox but is it anyway I should take to eating cougar?

I heard someone did in fact die from eating cougar and someone ate a cat once and died after that.

Dr. Vonderplantiz mentioned that the reason was they stopped eating the raw diet and took drugs or what not.

ANSWER: Given that cougars are wild animals which are not all that numerous, one should not be eating them anyway. Most of us who go in for raw wild game either get hold of raw, wildcaught fish/shellfish, or go in for raw wild game that are considered "pests" by many since they have no decent predators. Examples include wild hares,wild deer, wild moufflon, wild boar, among many others.


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QUESTION: Thank you for your response.

If cougar is endangered then like Tiger meat(which was hunted down for being for its medicinal properties) then I guess I won't be eating that....

But, How should one go about eating Any carnivorous animal.

Wolf and Coyote hunting in certain areas is encouraged (as they are pests in some areas)

Bobcat hunting is also a pastime of many(and considered a pest too). Not to mention all the restaurants that serve lion.

I ask because, there are purported to be very strong benefits to eating carnivorous animals. In china Tiger is praised as being strongly medicinal.   

Do you know anyone have any experience eating these animals raw, I'm I the first?!!

Also, Apache Indian tribes had young men kill wolfs and bobcats as a rite of passage.

PS. Thanks for answering everybodies questions. I have been reading your page for many many years

ANSWER: The term "pest" is way overused by cruel farmers who want all wildlife to be exterminated, if at all possible. I am sure some rawpalaeodieter has eaten a raw carnivore at some stage by now but would be unlikely to advertise it. After all, carnivores are even less plentiful in the wild compared to herbivores. The whole Chinese medicinal field is a load of nonsense, just avoid like the plague.


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QUESTION: I understand that about farmers. But certainly someone with your expertise and open-mindedness would'nt be so 'bold' as to call all of  ancient traditional east asian medical practices....

I mean its GOT to be better than regular Western SAD and approach with Drugs and Surgery...right?!

I know of a korean daoist tribe/clan whose medical work would be described as nothing but a miracle.

Carnivorous animals are at the top of the food chain. A Big feline's muscle and body structure is obviously much stronger than say, a rabbits or a sheep.

The difference is comparable to a vegetarian to a meat eater. You know protein isn't protein. Plant protein can hardly compare to animal protein.

Then we can logically determine that animals who feed on animal meat rather than less evolved plant matter must be stronger and more potent nutrition. In the same way that raw organ meats are much more nutritious and potent than the muscle meat steaks that everyone in the population seems to be obsessed with.

Anyways, the bobcat is considered a Very Real pest in many of the 50 states( to State government procedure. They are not endangered. Not that it matters, as they are rarely if Ever eaten. Never seen them in the supermarket.

I found a supplier on

I find your implied answers "predators are scarce so don't eat them"... quite insignificant, as the meat that I get plan on getting is 'farmed'
anyways and there are no federal or international restricts on eating them as even Lions are not considered endangered.

Most Chinese medicine is at very least worthless, with a few practices such as Acupuncture having only a little scientific evidence in their favour. While most modern drugs are useless,  surgery can be useful as can antibiotics and other Western medical marvels.

The meat of a carnivore does NOT provide any extra nutrients that herbivores don't have. Secondly, most carnivores prefer to hunt herbivores, generally. It is irrelevant whether one eats a herbivore or a carnivore.

By "Lions" I presume you mean "Mountain Lions". The trouble is that the definitions used to determine what is endangered or not are appallingly low, with only a few thousands of a population being needed to escape that label.


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