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I see you are interested in reducing fat in dishes. I have found that I am very sensitive to any kind of dietary fat, and I have to eat less than normal, about 25 grams a day, to lose weight.
This came from much trial and error. I was eating an extremely low carb diet in which I should have been in ketosis, and was gaining weight. Also, all the meat was giving me terrible indigestion.
Have you come across anyone else like me? Thanks!

Hi Bud,

Thank you for sending me your question.

I haven't yet had a questioner with the same issues. However, first I would ask if you have talked with your physician and a nutritionist to put together a meal and exercise plan to lose weight. Consistent daily exercise as well as calorie counting are key to weight loss.

I'm a fan of good fats rather than no fat. In fact, I've used avocado instead of butter to make some excellent brownies!

Additionally, balance and variety in food is important. The closer you can get to whole foods, the better. Meaning, some carbohydrates are very good and necessary, especially whole grains like oats, brown rice, and quinoa (which is actually a seed, but treated like a grain in recipes).

I haven't eaten beef, pork, game, or fowl since 1990, so I'm not the right person to talk about meat in the diet.

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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