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Special Diets/Fat +Sugar= Deadly Combination?


I have learned that sugar is not the enemy it has been made out to be when it comes to weight gain. I am referring to a small amount of natural sweets such as a spoonfull of honey, some dates, raisins, etc. for my sweet tooth. However, I think there is something to be said for the combination of FAT plus sugar (cakes, chocolate bars, etc) doing something in the body hormone wise to cause it to be stored as body fat. I am now really watching my fat intake as well as the high glycemic carbs. I think it was my consumption of bread AND butter, potatoes AND butter, etc., that lead to my obesity. Cutting down on the bad carbs has lead to a reduction in fat, and cutting down on the fat has lead to a reduction in bad carbs! I have been watching how my skinny friends eat. One is Asian and eats a fair amount of rice-but he eats it plain, and my other buddy that eats a lot of bread doesnt put butter on it. There must be something to this combination of fat + carbs that sets off a hormonal reaction leading to fat storage? In fact,I cant think of any natural food that has sugar and saturated fat in it. Any thoughts appreciated!

Hi barry

This whole subject is far more complicated than just the combination of fat and carbs. Once your liver's carb stores are maxed out at a 48 hr supply, any more excess calories get quickly converted to body fat, whether these calories come in the form of carbs or fats.  Your body goes into fat storage mode.

I think your key observation is "I cant think of any natural food that has sugar and saturated fat in it ."  

It's just not that easy to eat unprocessed natural foods that are low glycemic in amounts that lead to daily overdosing (fat generation) on carbs. I mean who could really eat 3,000 calories worth of spinach or beans or apples without getting sick first?

Also, different people have different metabolisms, so it's hard (impossible?) to specify a "best" dietary regime for everyone.  

If you want my suggestion - and if your personal physician OKs it - i would start with something like the South Beach Diet plan which is really a low-carb, low glycemic diet. Protein and healthy fats supply most of the caloric needs.

If nothing else, I would lose the processed foods and sugar first and foremost.  I would lose the gluten too. Those changes alone - along with 30 minutes a day of walking or some other easy exercise have helped many get their weight under control.

Good luck.


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