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Hi Evelyn,
I am on a very restrictive diet and use ginger and apple cider vinegar in my food - I don't particularly like the taste but it is good for me. I an soya milk to those foods, soya masks the flavors. when I do that do I lose the beneficial effect the the ginger and vinegar.

Hi Irina,

It's a bit more complicated, from a holistic perspective, than to say adding soy is a problem for the benefits of ginger and vinegar. Just to be very clear, I can only consider your question from such a holistic, organic perspective, and without details on your restrictions it is difficult to answer very specifically to your particular case.

The goodness of ginger and vinegar is limited to certain factors; so first, be very sure you NEED these foods for sure. (For some restricted diets ginger is specifically bad due to its high potassium levels and heat-generating properties.) Otherwise it is always wise to TRUST your tastebuds, providing they are a bit clean (not used to junk food, for example).

A big part of the goodness lies also in the experience of the foodstuff in its entirety. It is never very holistic to mask anything. I am also no fan of eating foods you cannot identify, do not like how it's grown (abuse to land or people) or how it's produced (with artificial additives, stripped of life-force in pre-processing  etc.) In a dynamic, holistic diet one also considers animal well-fare.

But anyway, I am not sure how much you want to go into this, and if you just want a chemical or synergetic bio-chemical assessment of the combinations you might need to ask another specialist dietician who is more clinically based.

We eat to learn more about our soul. Educating yourself on what makes a good diet is very much about becoming very honest with yourself, and that is why masking is already not a great place to start.

Usually ginger is used to flavour foods, and seldom can foods be found to mask ginger very adequately (it is rather pronounced!). Vinegar too cannot lose its acidic taste very easily and personally I find it hard to imagine soy (milk I presume you mean) can mask much of it.

Furthermore, I must remain curious as to why you want to include these foods as beneficial. Aside the use of apple-cider vinegar in a cleansig fast, I have never heard of specific (nutritional) benefits attributed which would warrant regular, let alone a daily dose of it. It is more a case of preferring apple-cider vinegar to wine vinegar (for details on the fermentation process). Even then it is generally advised to go very easy on this product. Some swear by a slosh of it in water on an empty stomach, but this could cause damage to a more fragile lining. The real point of taking it "raw" like that is to get the full acidic effect of it, which soy would counter. Taken first thing in the morning it would  work as a tonifying, wake-up call to the system. Not one I would recommend  so readily.

I hope this answer gives you a bit of a new view on these two products and offers you at least an alternative to masking: namely, give these two ingredients a miss.

Never lose sight of the base truth that a healthy diet is one that you can enjoy.
If not here and now, I hope you find the answers you are looking for soon!

All my best and peace be with you,

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