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Hi William
I am asking for a bit of medical advice which you would prefer to leave to a doctor, but I am hopefull in your experiance you have encountered this. I have bounced around from low calorie, low fat, low carb diets, and I have found that for me, anyway, a lowered calories low glycemic diet works the best. I am not diabetic, but I do seem to be 'carb sensitive' in that high glycemic carbs cause gas, bloating, and seem to go straight to my belly. Have you found that this happens in other people? Also, cutting back on the booze has helped as well. I am not an excessive drinker but strangely,switching from liquers and highballs to a couple of glasses of beer on the weekends has further reduced my big beer? belly and improved my irritable bowel symptoms. Thanks and have a great summer! my


I cannot answer your question about "other people" experiencing anything, as I am not a medical professional and have ZERO experience with other "patients"

However, your comment that "high glycemic carbs cause gas, bloating, and seem to go straight to my belly " is interesting, since this syndrome is also consistent with how some folks react to gluten (which is often present in quantity in many "high-glycemic carbs").

One does not need to have coeliac disease to be sensitive to gluten - as more and more people are learning.

Going gluten-free helps eliminate many of the bad carbs, so it is always a good idea to cut gluten out for a while if you suspect this problem, and see if it makes you feel better.  Many processed foods contain gluten that is not obvious from the label - which is why whole natural unprocessed foods are often recommended.


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