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Special Diets/Dairy (whey) insulin?


Hi Doc
Just to let you know I am following your advice and seing improvements with low gly carbs. I find however that I need to restrict even those to under 20 grams to see weight loss. I am finding that now tat I am eating less carbs I am eating more meat and cheese, low fat if possible. I have noticed that on those weeks I ate more dairy (cheese)weight loss was stalled.  I am finding mixed info on the relationship between dairy and insulin. Some say its good, some say it causes a big insulin spike, mostly because of the whey.I have tried low fat, lactose free-same effect. Thanks for your thoughts!


Twenty g of total carbs /day is very low carb intake...most people can lose weight on 50-100 g /day.  Also, if you are gong to exercise properly ( you need some carb energy.

I think you are getting too baffled by conflicting info on all sorts of things like whey, etc.

Very important to realize that there is far more MISINFORMATION on the internet than hard science.  Hundreds of totally unqualified people make "weight-loss" websites  because the ads for these site pay well.

Here is my BEST recommendation for you - go to a trusted source, written by medical professionals.  I suggest you enroll in South Beach Diet ONLINE .  The cost is minimal, the plans are sound, and you can have access to forums of other dieters to answer all your questions as you proceed.

They have very good info on how to proceed from scratch to lose weight.

Ignore the "noise" on the internet and stick with one, welll-designed program - give it a chance for a few months.

Good luck

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