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Respected Sir,
I am a 20 year old guy with a height of 172 cm and weight of 54Kg. I am planning to take Whey protein to gain weight as my BMI is not good and I am too lean. But I am really worried about the effects of whey protein.

1) Is it safe to take whey protein at this age?
2) Is there any side effects?( whether it will create any hormone imbalance, hair loss, liver and kidney failure etc??)
3) Should I take any other precautions before taking this?

Please help me. I am confused.
Thank you very much for your time and consideration

Dear Mr Singh,

I cannot answer your question from a completely physical perspective alone. I need to present you with a larger context. I don't think whey protein as a single product can help you gain weight,but it can be one component providing you with a little protein boost. Protein is especially required for brain activity and to help build muscle. But exercise is also required to stimulate such growth.

As such it is safe to use a couple of tablespoons a day in a (raw) smoothie, perhaps, which must contain other nutrients, including fruit or vegetables alternately, coconut, other nuts, oats perhaps (very good for adding weight). Often we see body-builders live off huge amounts of such products, which is not healthy to be sure, and quite nauseating on many fronts (it tastes foul and that corrupts your taste buds, it abuses resources, and is often combined with steroids).

It is always crucial to eat a varied diet to ensure health, especially when still maturing (which your brain is until around age 24, and this is the greatest consumer of protein). You could alternate whey with soy, rice, almond, or pea protein. They all have slightly different mineral and amino acid contents. There is no point in taking more than a supplementary amount of such products, they will only disrupt your digestive and metabolic system and could, in effect, cause you to lose more weight! (Diahoerrea or corruption of organ systems etc).

You are very right to be cautious in trying out any product for a specific effect. Physical health and shape/size is subject to an intricate and refined dynamic. Nothing can replace three square and balanced meals a day. If you are unable to obtain protein from animal sources (meat/chicken/fish/eggs) then there is always pulses, but cereals also can be sources of protein (quinoa notably). The body might not always necessarily convert raw protein into muscle tissue, though. First, a calorific intake must be assured. So make sure you get a very minimum of 2000 cals a day if you lead a normally active life.

It is also important to bear in mind that hereditory factors may prevent the kind of weight gain you are ideally looking to achieve. You can still be perfectly healthy with a lower BMI than charts prefer for you. If you are low on energy, suffer with ailments chronically, have memory failure, fertility issues etc, then you should start to get worried about being TOO lean. You will then also need to consult a dietician who supervises you regularly.

Realise also that nervous over-activity (tv, pc, long hours of cerebreal work)will drain your energy too, leaving little to spare for your physique. Sleep and fresh air also work upon building up the body. Also, often it takes for men to age well into their twenties before they begin to "set" a bit. If you gain weight unnaturally fast, now, you'll be sorry, for your body will become confused and you could also end up too podgy by age 40 or indeed damage organs or develop diabetes.

Make sure you include carbohydrates for calorific value in your diet, add healthy (non-saturated) fats (nuts, oily fish, vegetable oils etc) and plenty of vegetables for vitamins and minerals to keep your hair, skin and eyes radiant, and your overall performance optimal.

So, in sum: you could try a VERY HIGH QUALITY whey powder and see how it goes for a couple of months, using a small (normal) dose as a SUPPLEMENT to a proper sturdy diet and good-sized portions for a man your age. Use other protein products aswell - from other (plant) sources (whey is milk based).

If you eat an overall healthy diet you are sending a message to your body to enjoy your physical self and the body will want to feel itself more and this promotes a dynamic of natural "body building". It is a way of grounding and this connection to substance will fill you out better. That is why sports actually work too. Try to tap into the fact that there is a soul and/or mental aspect to this leanness of yours.

Wishing you much joy in your physical development,
Mrs. Evelyn Alexander  

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