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Nancy wrote at 2015-10-23 14:44:41
I wonder if you added mustard, there's so many options available today, that you could do away with the oil once you've found the right substitute?

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Arlene Virginia


I can answer questions related to eating and drinking low carb in fast food places and in restaurants. Dining out happens, even when you are controlling your carbs for weight loss or diabetes, so let's just prepare for it and enjoy time with friends. I also have some expertise in alternative natural and artificial sweeteners. So, if you have questions about specific sweeteners, I may be able to answer those, too.


I have cycled on and off Atkin's Diet for 4 years. I know how great it is to be eating low carb, and I know the things that sabotage us into leaving it. I am now happily eating low carb once more and looking forward to feeling well again. I routinely eat at restaurants at least twice a week, not including an occasional fast-food drive through. So, I have faced a lot of menu choices. I am also a manager of Maine Cottage Foods, LLC, offering safely sugar-free, maltitol-free alternatives to sugared chocolate and to sugary, gluten-free confections. My responsibilities include investigating potential ingredients, especially sweeteners, to make sure they are truly low glycemic.

Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics.

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