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Hi, my daughter has Spina-bifida and is under the 504 plan at school. She has very many challenges. We live in a very small town in Al. Hamilton to be exact. This year she is having a very hard time. She is in 7th grade and we have already been to the office and spoke with the principal in regards to.a bullying issue. She is considering homeschooling now because of all of this. I am a nurse and aware of the medical aspect of her rights but as to any other rights that she has I really am clueless. I feel like the school could do more to help her feel accepted. Thanks for any help. Tonya


I recommend you look into having your daughter on a special education IEP rather than a 504 Plan. There are more services available and the enforcement procedures are much better (When the school doen't do what is called for on the IEP, you can file a simple Compliance Complaint with your state department of education). She will qualify under the category of Other Health Impaired (OHI). If the bullying is not stopped, the school should provide her an aide (or shadow aide).

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