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My daughter has dyslexia. We just found out and she is 12 and in Middle School How does this change the way she learns from other kids?

Good for you for getting your daughter evaluated.  She will benefit tremendously from having appropriate help.

Her learning should be affected primarily in the area of reading (dyslexia will affect her spelling, too).  It is important to get her some remediation for her reading skills.  Her diagnosis of dyslexia means that she has trouble connecting the sounds of our language with the symbols of language (i.e. letters).

The International Dyslexia Association has numerous resources that I think you will find informative.  You should navigate all over their site, but you'll find a lot of good information on this page:  http://www.interdys.org/FactSheets.htm.

Dyslexia will not keep your daughter from doing anything she wants to do.  It is important to get her the right kind of help so that she can develop her weak skills and get a good understanding of her areas of strength.

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