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I would like to ask if a school can refuse to provide care for full days for a special ed child with an IEP.  My friend's child has severe behavior problems and the school feels most of them are in the morning so they say he has to start coming at 11.   This means she now must pay full time childcare, and he is in daycare with 5 year olds all morning.  He is 8.  Aren't they required to make arrangements for his needs?


The IEP Team can change school schedules if it is in the best interests of the child. But parents are members of this team and the parents have line-item veto power. They can choose to not agree with one or more things in the IEP. Unless they agree, the school can not implement those portions of the IEP the parents do not agree with. What ever was in the last parent signed IEP continues.

The school is not required to pay for daycare unless the IEP Team feels it is needed for a student. I have never had this happen.

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