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If my district made a hearty effort at a FAPE but didn't have an appropriate placement for my son and I homeschooled him and showed progress, could I prospectively be reimbursed after a due process. I know the school is trying but my son is regressing. They have acknowledged not having an appropriate placement and they are trying to look elsewhere but you can't make what isn't and distance is prohibitive. It's a good school district but they don't adjust, the setup is what it is and they just don't have what my son needs, despite all the support, he's just not doing well. I don't get the law but I think an FAPE should be one that works and not judged by what resources are used.  In NYC many people obtain private placements despite the city placement running into the tens of thousands of dollars. It would be very difficult for me to homeschool without hiring some help. I would also have to quit my part time job which is fine and I don't expect to be compensated there but if I continue to do what I have done successfully with my son and it works, it doesn't seem fair for me to foot the bill entirely myself.


The school districts do not have to pay for home schooling. But the law does say they have to provide each special education student with a program that meets their unique needs. It goes on to say, if the district does not have a suitable program they have to either place the student in a private school that does or create the program needed by the student. Home schooling is not included on the list of options available.

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