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HI Mr. Runner

My son is in collaborative Kinder class now and have a 1 on 1 ABA trained shadow (funding comes from insurance company) and my son gets a lot of benefit from it.
the problem is my insurance changes to medicare within 3 month then they will stop funding.

since I desperately want to keep the shadow going forward, I am planning have a attorney to file a case.
To do that, should I have proof of denial( for shadow funding) from school district?
or can I just go ahead file a case (or due process) without any process with school district?
I just don't want to waste time with school because I know they will not respond right away.

please advise

Joanne Kim,

ABA training is so important, especially for young children. More studies come out each week supporting this. It is imperative that you figure out a way to continue them after your insurance switches over.

It is important that you request that your school take over these services after your insurance ends. Under the law, the school district is the payer of last resort and must supply the services unless their assessments show that your son does not need them. Note: the school district's responsibility involves education ABA services, and not home/community ABA services.

I represent many families in California in Due Process filings. I always want to "perfect" our claims before filing. I represent them in IEPs and make demands on the school districts for services. It is best that you be turned down by the district prior to your filing. I have been able to settle over 90% of my Due Process filings in Mediation so that we son't have to go to hearing.

Most disabilities requiring ABA services in California qualify for Regional Center services as well. Typically, they tell the parents it is up to the school district to pay for ABA after the child turns 3, but the law says they are the payer of last resort for these services when the school district will not provide them. I have a number of clients that receive services at school from the district as well as home/community ABA services in their home from their Regional Center.

If you have an attorney handling your case, then you need to run these questions by that person.

I wish you and your son the best,
Tim Runner, Advocate
Advocates for Kids
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