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Hello, Mr. Taylor!  I am a special education teacher for adults with intellectual disabilities.  Every day, this class of 35 intellectually disabled adults takes a trip to a gym for an hour where we have access to basketballs, soccerballs, and hand weights.  I am out of ideas for fun games and group physical activities for these students, as they are all relatively high-functioning adults but still vary in their degree of disability.  Could you please give me some ideas of games and/or physical activities I could try with these students, and/or recommend a book or resource that might do the same?  I have searched tirelessly on the internet and am coming up short.  Thank you so much for any help or suggestions that you may have!

Adult disabilities are not my area of expertise but my suggestion would be to be more formal in your attempts to keep them active by teaching them how to play the games correctly that their now just playing at.  for example, teach them the rules of basketball and try to teach them the fundamental skills of each game.  this process takes time and patients but you may find that the process of learning for them is more important and more enjoyable then simply playing at the game..Plus the time it takes to learn will hopefully keep them engaged as they learn to dribble shoot, pass etc...the same principles can be applied to all recreational endeavors.   

I wish I could have been more help.


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