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    I have a similar question my son has add is 15 years old. He is in public school system (Core cull) and has cull Plan.  He is failing Math class.  After the fourth if, I called a meeting. Had more if added to the list. At that time my son continued to do his homework and and class work.  They took his breaks away and subdivided his Math work between two back to back class period.  So he has 180 continued to do his work and tests.  Such attention is drawn to that he has to pass the State test in order to pass this class and get a regular diploma.  His aniexty level is up and he is starting to not do his class work.  Well after next 8 f's I called another meeting.  Results were we are doing all we can, its up to the student.  50% of that true.
My son is a hard worker but when things get confusing he is not going to pudge.  I have a tutor for him and I have feel like I have try to talk to the school and I'm not getting anyway and either is my son.


Since your district requires students to pass Algebra in order to graduate, they are trying to help your son to do this. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be working.

There are lessons online that might help your son. They break down the algebra concepts into bit-sized lessons.

Go to: www.khanacademy.org/

The school should consider giving him one-to-one instruction. Taking away his breaks away is not the answer. It sounds like he needs instruction at a slower pace allowing him to grasp the concepts. Maybe his tutor can use Kahn Academy's lessons to help?

I wish you and your son the best,
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