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I have a step-son that has epilepsy, indeterminate rage disorder and a learning disability. He has a one to one para, but I feel that she is not doing her job because he has been suspended on numerous occasions for behavioral issues. I have asked more than once, "Where was his one to one?". they have yet to answer. What is her job, she is assigned only to him. also I have asked for a functional behavioral assessment to be done but keep getting the run around. One Friday I sent a registered letter to the school that was notarized and one again requested  a behavioral assessment to be done. can they keep ignoring my requests? also when can I request a mediator? we live in the great state of New York.

Hi Melanie,
Has there been an FBA done recently? I am wondering if that is why they aren't wanting to do one now. If not, I would continue to push for the FBA. If you are not happy with the school's response, you can refer to your parent rights, which should be provided to you in writing, usually at the annual IEP review. There are usually local and state phone numbers listed that you can call. They will let you know when mediation is appropriate. If his IEP says that he has a one-on-one para, then the school is obligated to make sure a para or teacher is available to work with him for the amount of time listed on the IEP.

Having said all of that, even the presence of a one-on-one and an FBA will not necessarily prevent the behavior issues from occurring completely.

Best of luck to you,

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