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My son, a 15-year old with Asperger's, has been bullied all year by a classmate, who also has a special ed designation of some kind.  The school has done little to address this because of IDEA regulations, which I can understand and appreciate since my son isn't always perfect with regard to behavior, either.  Recently, however, the intimidation from this other student toward my son has escalated, resulting in my son choosing to quit an after school activity that both boys attended because he didn't "feel safe".  Yesterday, this boy threatened to kill my son as he walked down the school hallway (no witnesses, unfortunately).  When my son asked if he was making a threat, the other kid replied, "It's not a threat -- it's a promise -- I'm going to effing kill you!  What are our rights in this situation or how should we proceed it the school still does nothing?


You must take action by notifying the principal. Special Education law does not allow students to bully or threaten other students. Special needs kids are to be treated the same way general education students are treated when it comes to intimidation. There is a provision that before a special education student can be expelled or suspended for more than 10 days total in a school year, the IEP Team must conduct a "manifestation determination." In this they determine whether or not the action taken by a student was the result of his or her disability. If not, they are to get suspended or expelled just like any other student. If so, then the IEP Team must determine placement and services required to keep this from happening again.

If it were my son and the school did not take action, I would report the threat to the police. Threats about "killing" need to be taken very seriously.

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