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I see many questions about homeschooling. My son isn't progressing at school. They have no other placement options. I know I can do better because everything he knows now, is from homeschooling. He's also happier at home. But I can't afford to prepare and do what i need to do with my other kids and life responsibilities. I'd have to hire help. Has anyone ever shown documented they made more progress with their child and been reimbursed for hiring help. The worst part is I can't even get my significant school taxes. It really doesn't seem to be a fair system, public schools. If they cannot educate or help your child, why should you have to pay them in high taxes? Also, can I sue the school in a civil suit for compensation? The whole due process seems very corrupted with hearing officers who favor schools.  Thanks.

I don't know of a case where parent has won compensation for any type of "choice" education, where you elect to take your child out of the public school system and homeschool or place in a private school.  I do think you could make a strong case if you can show significant gains while homeschooling, verses the attempts the school district made when he was enrolled.

You will need to seek legal advice for the civil suit possibilities.  I believe you have that right.  However, I have seen parents go directly to civil court without trying the dispute resolution processes within IDEA and be told to exhaust those then re-file.  However, not being an attorney I do not know if that is how it works in every state.  It may be possible to meet with an attorney who knows education law for consultation, sometimes without cost.  As well, there are some organizations who provide this type of consultation for free.  For example, in Arizona there is an organization called The Center for Disability Law, who would evaluate your case and give you at least initial advise.  

Yes, taxpayers have argued for a long time that paying property taxes for public schools while your child doesn't attend there isn't fair, but then not much in our tax law is based on a concept of fair.  

Finally, if you have documentation that the district has "tried" all of their placement options and continues to offer the same placements that did not show documented progress, then the district has denied your son his right to a Free Appropriate Public Education.  The key is whether or not they can demonstrate enough progress to say it was appropriate.  When a student's special education program does not make progress the district is required to create or find a program that is appropriate, it is not just a list of what they do, rather each child with a disability has a right to a program that provides appropriate specially desgined instruction based upon his or her unique needs.  That last sentence is in the language of the law, it does not say within what they normally provide.

From a non lawyer's point of view, I think you may have a good case...but check with the attorney first.

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