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My child is 10 yr old. I m facing this prb through last 5 years. He can read properly,  learn properly but god knows what happens when it came to writing. No concentration. As he doesn't know what to write. Inexams he s gettong three four marks. Pls reply soon I will eagerlt wait?

Hey and many sincere THANKS for entrusting your question to ME of all people on the net, Vandana!  I'll happily give you my views, but prepare for the fact that they'll be far from conventional!Choose from them what aligns with your belief systems and feel free to discard the rest.  May they or at least some of them help you and your child!

God may well know what happens when it comes to writing, but God knowing won't help you, YOU need to know!  So I advise that you start ASKING your child about his experience.  The more you ask, the more you find out over time, and the more you know, the better you'll be positioned to work with your child.  You asking your child about his experience will also deepend the bond between you, because he'll pick up the subtle but powerful message that you're willing to enter and meet him in his world.  Children love this feeling!  Also he'll feel safer about opening up to you once he understands that you're asking about his experience in order to help rather than criticize him.  And feeling safe promotes concentration!

Next, notice well how your child is sitting when writing and where his feet are firmly on the floor, or everywhere but firmly on the floor!   Lack of concntration immediately points to lack of grounding which I've written at length about  Visit the link, type the word grounding into the search box on the right side of the site under the heading Search This Website, and read as many of the entries that come up as you wish.  You'll also find a lot of advice if you type "handwriting" or "writing" into the same searchbox.  Albeit not all the entries will answer the question why a child can't concentrate when writing, the entries will answer all sorts of questions that people who worked with me came to me with, so I invite you to be inspired.   The more of your time and energy you put into reading the entries, the more you'll get out needless to say.

Of course, if you have any more questions after reading those entries, feel free to contact me again.  I'll be maximally happy to answer and learn from them!

With many thanks again,  :) & +NRG,

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