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"I have double checked our policy with both the SELPA legal counsel and other Special Ed. Directors within our county.  The policy for districts that reimburse their parents for transporting students in special ed. to school is that they are reimbursed for miles driven when the student in is the car (or 1 round trip)."

Is this legal?  I drive a total of 135miles a day....The school mu son attends is 45mins away...WHY do they only have to pay me for 1 round trip?  Do I have to literally SIT THERE for 6hrs?

I have an IEP on April 19th and I want this addressed...


In my opinion this policy is not legal. In my last answer to you I told you not to bring this up in your IEP unless they try to change things. Leave well enough alone.

I wish you and your daughter the best,
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