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Special Education/school not scheduling meeting or observation appropriately


Thanks for all the great work answering questions. My question is regarding the law and meetings. The school has played this strange routine on me more than once. Last minute cancellations with no explanation, making me fight for an agreed upon observation. I don't know what to do. I take off work at a job I'm not secure at and I totally rearrange my schedule and time and they behave so unfairly. Example: I will call at 3:00 with a new time. No one calls. 2 days go by with me leaving messages. This is routine. Can you imagine if I did this to them? I feel so powerless. I have it all documented but I don't how to give it teeth. Thank you.


The school is putting you between a rock and a hard spot. I suggest you talk to the principal of your school or the head of special education in your district. You need to share with them your documentation and ask them to intervene. It might have more impact if you write a letter to them both.

If it is still going on, you may have to file for Due Process, but that is really a big gun that will cost you time and money.

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