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I have an unusual problem. My school district either plays games with me deliberately or is addle brained or both. On two occasions they unilaterally cancelled observations because they didn't like my complaining about my son's IEP. That is exactly what happened. They did it last second with no written explanation. I demanded we find a way to prevent this going forward.  At least three other times meetings haven't taken place because they don't check voicemail that's on during working hours or email. How can I avoid this? Someone emails me, I email back, I can't make them read it. I have my copies. Is it fair that I take off work and make all kinds of adjustments and have been slapped a third time because someone didnt read an email or listen to more than one voicemail? What can I do? Thanks


The only two legal ways you can give the school your statements concerning observations and IEP attendance is to fax it to them and print out a fax report that shows when the fax was sent, how many pages, and if it was received. Or you can deliver it in person and have the office person sign that they received it. As far as IEP's go, it they cancel at the last minute, you should first contact the director of special education for your school district. If that does not work, then contact your state's department of education and file a Compliance Complaint. You can file for Due Process but this is expensive ant time consuming.

Sorry there is no easier way available.

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