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One of our Special Education teachers teaches in both our SDC program and the Resource Specialist Program. She teaches two SDC English classes and has a total of 14 students, a few of whom are non readers. She also teaches three resource classes and has 27 resource students she supports in their mainstreamed, general education classes. She case manages these 27 students. She is the Only teacher in our deprtment who works with both SDC and Resource students. A full caseload for RS's is 28 and there is a suggested caseload limit of 22 for SDC teachers, although that number has never been reached. How should caseloads be counted when a teacher has responsibilities for both SDC and RSP students? Are more districts using a workload model rather than a caseload model? We teach in a California high school.


In today's special education environment and with Districts desires to cut costs and save there really is no guidelines that are followed.  Suggested caseloads are often exceeded and the care and progress of the students, SDC or Resource are very rarely the overriding consideration.

Teachers, not just special education teachers are under more pressure to take on more work and do so with less support.  Administration may adopt a caseload model for one year but change toward a workload model in another years.  It's really turned into a arbitrary administrative decision based on the economics of the school and the motivation of the current leadership.

There are several districts around the country who have adopted a consultative model that increases a teachers caseload but reduces the service hours provided to each student.  The only consistent aspect of education these days is the constant change to conventional educational models, changes that will most likely continue to plague the herculean efforts of dedicated teachers, just trying to provide those basic educational opportunities....

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