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I have a son in a regular school in a mixed class. My district refused to allow him to attend our home school with an aide. The school he is in now we are not zoned for but its a district school, close by.  I was not given any choice but the program my son was placed in. Now my other son is going into school and my district refuses to let him attend with my older. I can't handle having them split not just psychologically as they are close but my older son has issues and I cannot see juggling this awful routine.  I am shocked that my school board denied our request given how they forced my older son out of attending our zoned school. I felt they couldve crafted a program for him, thats what they claim to do. Is there somewhere I can appeal?


I am shocked that your district refuses to allow your younger son to attend the same school attended by your older son. Most districts have a policy to allow this. You state in your question that the "school board denied your request." This tells me that you have already taken the action that I was going to recommend. You can ask for another IEP to see if you can convince the IEP Team to allow your older son to go to your home school. If this fails, you could look into your State's Department of Education policies on this.

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