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How would I go about finding such an expert in NY state?
I also would like to ask- if I don't agree to an IEP, the school has to file due process against me to change the placement or I have to file due process to protest? I am not clear on that legal point. I do want to be clear that my son is not violent in any way. It's not a matter of the aide. He has an aide. The aides at the school are poorly trained, they baby the kids and don't know how to get them. We don't even think our aide is the worst. We saw another one yelling which we felt was quite inappropriate. Also we found out one of their aides was dismissed for a very serious felony charge. So I don't value their selection of aides.


If you don't agree with part (or all) of the IEP, the school must continue the last IEP signed by you. Or they can file against you for Due Process. You do not have to file against them to continue the last signed IEP, which becomes the "Stay-Put" IEP. You have the right to accept parts of the new IEP and reject other parts. IF you do this, the only parts of the IEP that will be Stay-Put will be that parts that you did not agree with. It is important that you carefully spell out what you are and are not agreeing with.

Aides are a problem everywhere. They are the lowest paid, least trained people that work with our kids. Currently there are some good ones who are teachers that can not find a teaching position, but most are just high school graduates doing what they can. There is no incentive to hire better aides. The schools just need a body to fulfil their commitment to provide an aide. Many district only hire pare-time aides so they don't have to pay any benefits.  

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I have been an education advocate representing students and parents for six years. My experience includes: representing my clients in IEPs, SSTs, Due Process, review assessment results for my clients, and mediations. I have represented clients with learning disabilities, autism, Downs Syndrome, cognitively challenged, emotional problems, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, and physical disabilities. I have also represented clients to County Mental Health Departments and Regional Centers. My clients range from pre-school to college students in many states.

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