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First off I am not trying to diagnose anyone. I have a sister In law who is currently undergoing 96hr psychological evaluation. She is 18 but has always had very noticeable social issues. She has the maturity of a 13 year old , she has always acted the same , but for last few years she has gotten out of control with sexual issues. I am  she is undiagnosed ld , Her symptoms are , does not understand social cues, sarcasm , being decieved, cannot build personal relationships outside of family, cannot carry conversation, they are  very short and off topic ,example - hi see what I got. She is able to speak correctly but is unable to keep your attention because she is loud or says something that is farfetched or out of left field .cannot read body language or understand complex conversation. She has been unable to gain acceptance because of social interactions are misinterpreted.She is a adult now  and her parents have no understanding of health or mental health on every other note she is of slightly below average intelligence. The pasg two years she has became increasingly involved in sexual activity, she has had phone taken away and fb removed , she has been sending naked pics to complete strangers and offer ang sexual act they ask for , she had over thirtg guys from 17-35 she was promising to meet and saying each one was her boyfriend , when caught she is able to lie but theg are irrational or completely non topic , like it doesnt happen, when talked to or confronted she has no explanation , expression , remorse , or understanding of the dangers this poses in so many ways , She has no concept of manogomy, or ideas of a relationship , she will talk to any random stranger and agree to meet , she is adult but lives with parents and has ran away twice in two weeks , naked photos on phone , sent and recieved , everytime she has no emotion when they decieve her she cant read the social cues , she has been explaind to and her parents dont understand that she is unable to comprehend the consequences, they have misread and thought she was acting out , when she came home nothing , just said hi and sat down , she is unable to communicate with different emphasis or or tone to show different feelings , she doesnt have anger issues doesnt get violent unless taken awag from random stranger . Alot of symptoms were similar to Non verbal learning disability , but she is left handed , I am worried for her and just wanted to research possibilities , it is nearly impossible to find lds on web that are most common with sexual incomprehension. Ithey have taken steps now to have her considered incompetent , because she has no understanding of the danger she is in , their good parents jusf ignorant to the fact thaf she isnt slow she is incapable because of a learning disability, but they have taken the steps to find out . So if u could jusf suggest some research material, I could read up on and vet a better understanding of what possible diagnosis might be after her evaluation is over ! I understand it is normal to have hormones she is human but it is beyond anything I have seen and down right sicking that she can be taken advantage of , if she is declared incompetent then they would be breaking law and could be prosecuted , and the parents have realized this isnt a behind on growing up thing its something that isnt even understandable too her she is incapable because she has disability of some sort , thank you

It sounds like you have a variety of concerns for your sister-in-law. I'm afraid I won't be able to give you any specific diagnoses to research since I don't know her. Hopefully since she was hospitalized, she was thoroughly evaluated and any diagnoses were identified. Best of luck to you and your family.  

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